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Strengthening Your Family’s Immune System This Winter.


What comes to mind when you hear the word 'winter'?

For many, winter is a never-ending cycle of the age-old riddle, ‘What can you catch but not throw?’ (a cold). 

Take Jessica for example. One of her children gets sick with a cold. As soon as he starts feeling better, the next child gets sick. A few days later, Jessica herself starts feeling ill. And when she’s all better, child number one has the sniffles again! 

Why does it seem like as soon as the weather gets cool, the sniffles come on? 

Does cold air “create” a cold? Can someone really CATCH a cold? Do we have to simply accept that this is how winter will be? 

If you view sniffles, runny noses, coughs, stuffy sinuses, and sluggish achy muscles as something to fear, you are not alone. Most people do! But colds and viruses and even the truly feared flu are really not something to be anxious about.

Let’s discover the truth about winter sniffles.

  • How to reframe this perspective.
  • What the best prevention practices are.
  • What you can do to help deal with the symptoms...?

The Perspective//
Bacteria, colds, and viruses are not scary.

The truth is that our bodies, and nature in general, are designed to perfection and contain nothing that is not inherently good. That being said, there is nothing to fear in nature- including bacteria, viruses, and fungi! These aren’t things to be afraid of, they can’t cause disease, and they aren’t dangerous enemies. So what is going on when a person feels sick?

Let’s take a quick tour of the liquids in your body:

  1. The Blood
    Blood is like a kitchen that feeds you food. It flows to all your cells to feed them oxygen. Without oxygen, you can’t live.
  1. The lymphatic system
    This system acts like a sewage network. When our cells are finished doing what they need to do, they send the garbage out into the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system dumps the waste into the bowels and kidneys to eventually be eliminated from the body.

   When the lymphatic system is strong, it flows like clear water.  All the pollution that goes into the body and all the waste that the body produces get collected and sent out. 

But sometimes, the system becomes sticky like jello. The liquid starts moving slowly.  Toxins begin building up in the body. 

Fungi, viruses, and bacteria were designed by G-d to live in congestion and feed on this toxic waste. Colds, coughs, and fever move in to help get rid of and decompose these extra toxins!  Mucus is eliminated from the nose, phlegm from the throat, and sweat from a fever; these are all simply the gluey stuff from inside your body coming out to help keep you internally clean.

When the system is clear and flowing properly, it’s not a target for bacteria and viruses because there is nothing there for them to eat. Just like if a house is clean it won’t bring in flies, if you’re internally clean, you won't get sick.

The Prevention//
Maintaining a strong immune system

Let’s get back to Jessica. What can she do to help prevent a repeat of her previous winter?

  1. Eat properly. The body needs good food for the cells to digest and eliminate well. Bread, pasta, bagels, muffins, cookies, white rice, etc. are all sticky foods that make the system slow-moving. Fruits and vegetables, especially raw ones, are designed to help keep your body clean. They are filled with living water, energized by sun, wind, and soil. They help your body recoup the hydration it loses while eliminating toxins. Herbal teas, water, smoothies, salads, and cleansing juices help too. Wild rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and fish are good options as well.

  2. Exercise. The body was created with legs and hands to help you move which helps you eliminate.

  3. Sleep well.

  4. Breathe lots of good air to get good oxygen. Being outside and breathing fresh air that has been purified from the sun and trees is the best thing for your body. 

Helpful Herbs//
Dealing with the symptoms

Here are some remedies that have proven to help minimize and alleviate common symptoms of wintertime viruses and colds.*

  • Bilex is good for the liver and pancreas, aiding in elimination.
  • Lympho A and Lympho B Two botanicals that help with cleaning the lymph.
  • Para A and Para B help the internal environment remain clean so that parasites can’t multiply and take over.
  • Zyme is an enzyme that helps break down the food you’re eating so you can digest and eliminate well.
  • IMMUNO is a combination of herbs that work together to help boost your system so you get over viruses faster and feel your best.

By implementing some or all of these tips, Jessica knows she has done her part to help keep herself and her family healthy the whole winter through. And if the sniffles do hit her home, she is calm with the knowledge that these are passing symptoms which ultimately strengthen the patient’s overall systems. 

Here’s to a healthy and stress-free winter!



*Tahua vitamins and remedies are herbs in their most natural form; they've never been genetically modified, and are organically grown and well-crafted with zero chemicals.

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