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This Summer, Hydrate Right.

Since she learned about the importance of hydration in high school, Amy keeps a large glass near the kitchen sink and dutifully drinks at least 8 glasses of water each day, especially during warm weather. Still, by the time it is afternoon, she usually finds herself in a race to prevent the little ones from running in the street, the dinner from burning, and her body from rebelling.

At 3:00, Amy heads for the coffee machine and brews her second cup of the day. Perhaps, she muses, one of the sports drinks her husband is a fan of would be a better solution to up her energy level.  

Why Hydrate? // The Benefits


Being that your body’s systems are so interrelated, a well hydrated body may help decrease:

Symptoms of dehydration

  • Food indigestion
  • Elimination issues
  • Elimination
  • Dry skin and skin diseases 

Contrary to popular belief – and the short-lived energy boost they provide - caffeine loaded drinks, energy drinks, and chlorine-loaded tap water, which are the typical fluids consumed by people, may often contribute dehydration and fatigue, rather than aid with proper hydration. 

Although most people are aware of the importance of hydration, hydrating right is key.  

What Hydration Does // The Physiological Effect: 

The human body is 80% liquids, and these fluids are hard at work keeping us in perfect health. To support this, we need more liquid than solids to properly sustain our body. 

We know that our heart is constantly pumping blood throughout our body, delivering much needed oxygen to the cells.
Less commonly spoken about, the lymphatic system plays a significant role in your overall health, partnering with your immune system to protect you from illness and infection. It is made up of a complex network of vessels, nodes and organs that extends throughout the body to transport lymph, a clear fluid containing lymphocytes.

Lymphatic fluid and its optimal circulation are key to the elimination of toxins and fighting disease. When the lymph is not fluid enough, or not circulating freely between all of your organs, the body can feel weakened, tired, and in a state of dis-ease. 

Therefore, ensuring your lymphatic fluid is able to execute its job properly means taking care to supply your body with sufficient liquid. Since the lymphatic system replenishes every single cell, which affects each system within you, hydrating well literally means boosting your entire body’s wellbeing. 

Adequate fluid can literally propel the body into functioning well, and many people have been astonished to note the major relief they experienced from a variety of ailments, simply by hydrating well. 

How to Drink Right // The Practical Tips:

Of course, the goal is not only increasing the fluids entering your body, but also properly absorbing and retaining these liquids, so they can help your body do its job protecting your health and vitality.

Adding abundant produce, vegetables, and greens to your daily diet can significantly aid with proper hydration, by virtue of the fact that these foods are loaded with pure, vitamin and mineral-loaded water.

  1. Start your day right with fresh juice or smoothies made of raw fruits and vegetables.
    Toss your favorite produce choices into a handy blender or juicer and enjoy fresh. Alternately, freeze the smoothie or juice in portions for easy access and as a refreshing treat for all ages.
  2. When drinking water, opt for filtered or additive-free bottled water to avoid harmful chlorine present in tap water.
  3. Add a squirt of fruit juice or slice, like lemon, grapefruit, or orange to your glass of water for better absorption and performance.

Choosing to eat foods that are better for you will likely have a positive impact on your energy, focus, and overall health. Let’s make it a well-hydrated, great-feeling Spring and Summer Season!

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