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Tips and Best Practices for Better Baby Health

A Solid Foundation for a Healthy Start

Giving our babies the best start is what all parents aspire to do. For babies and toddlers in the first few years of life, a good start begins with quality nutrition, a safe home environment, regular medical care, and car safety. 

At first, newborn care might seem to be only round-the-clock feeding, bathing, diapering, and soothing. But there's a lot more to keeping a baby healthy.  

Frequently, a parent can be trying her best but her child just seems unhappy anyway. Common scenarios that everyone (and their mother) will blame fussy babies on are:

  • Colic
  • Reflux
  • Febrile seizures
  • Constipation

Child Health//Understanding the System

There’s a common sentiment among parents:

“If only my baby came with a manual!”

Guess what? There is a manual that can help us help our babies be calmer, happier, and healthier. We just need to understand how our bodies work.

Dis-Ease//The underlying problem

Our bodies were designed to be alkaline and not acidic. 

  • When we eat the wrong foods, then we don’t eliminate well-
  • And when we don’t eliminate well, the food we ingest starts sitting in our bodies for too long and becomes acidic. 
  • When we are too acidic, we get sick.

Our body is not diseased; it’s in a situation of ‘dis-ease’. These symptoms are just signs  that something isn’t right.

Your body responds to the way you live-the way you think and behave, the environment you’re in, and what you eat and drink. If your body gets what it needs, then it does a good job digesting and eliminating well to keep you internally clean. 

Internal cleanliness is the goal to keeping the body healthy in all ways- mentally, emotionally, and physically. When we’re not internally clean, that’s when problems begin. 

However, the good news is that the body was created to heal and regenerate itself. When we treat the CAUSE, we help the body do just that.

Easing Digestion//Treating The True Cause

When our baby has a symptom, it is very important not to only treat the symptom. We need to treat the CAUSE too so the body can have the proper tools to fix the problem by ITSELF. 

And the cause is always poor eating, which leads to poor digestion and elimination!

For example, let’s examine febrile seizures. What happens when you shake a bottle of champagne? It will explode.

In the same way, when a body can’t eliminate well, the gasses inside the gut start building up. They rise higher and higher and eventually “explode” in the brain, causing seizures. The SYMPTOM is the seizure. However, the CAUSE is poor digestion. 

Natural Solutions//Practically Speaking

You are not what you eat - rather - you are how you digest. 

Children today eat lots of low fiber foods-bread, pasta, etc., which are extremely difficult for the body to digest. Think about bread for a moment. It absorbs any water that falls on it. Guess what? It does the same thing in the body! When you eat bread, it sits and sucks up and retains the water in your gut, causing constipation. 

Taking Ez Digest, a cleansing drink and kids formula, before eating can help aid optimal digestion by helping the stomach, liver, and kidney digest better. This way, kids can eliminate well and not be constipated and need to strain. 

For a child with seizures, for example, we would recommend cutting down on starches and building up fruit and vegetable intake. Ez Digest- can start helping the body with digestion so it can eliminate well and hopefully prevent future seizures.

Our Natural Doctors//Dr. Sun-Dr. Air-Dr. Exercise-Dr. Water-Dr. Good Food

Don’t underestimate the natural doctors we have! 

Food that’s good for you:

  • From a young age, we should start giving our children lots of raw fruits and vegetables.
    These have fibers that are loaded with water.  The water in these items has been energized by the sun and has magnetic fibers that attract all the waste in your body, helping the body achieve an alkaline state. Even young children can enjoy raw juiced fruit and vegetables, fruit smoothies, soups, and salads. You can puree the salad for babies. 

Picky eaters? Keep putting fruits and vegetables on your table and set a good example for your children.

  • Juices are amazing!
    Use a Vitamix or another juicing machine to gain all the natural antioxidants, fiber, living water, and minerals that come from fruits and vegetables. For optimal health, use organic produce that was not changed by mankind, bioengineered, and stripped of essential minerals. Our Super Green cleansing drink includes all that.
  • Chicken, fish, and wild rice are all good options.
    Quinoa, soups with chunky vegetables, smoothies, avocados, sweet potatoes, millet, nuts, seeds, and grilled vegetables are great too.

A breath of fresh air:

Air is the #1 nutrient. We’ve got to get our kids outside, moving their bodies and breathing good air. 

An herbal boost:
Herbs that are organically grown and wild-crafted can help aid our bodies too.

  • Taking Immune Kids twice a day will build the body up and help keep the gut clean and immune cells strong.
  • Our gut produces 95 % of our body’s dopamine and serotonin.
    These two help your brain feel calm and emotionally happy. Too much acidity in the gut affects the nerves and the brain.
    Kalm Kids is a vitamin that will build up the nervous system. 
  • Klean Kids helps tone and build up the digestive tract to help bowel movements come faster and easier. 

Our amazing bodies can heal and repair themselves! We just have to do our part and give the body what it needs to do its work.

Giving our children the optimal foundation to help their little bodies cope with life’s stressors is the best gift we can provide.

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