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Shed those extra pounds and finally keep them off.

Sara carefully counts calories as part of her weight loss plan. For a short while, she loses a pound per week. In an effort to feel less lethargic, Jacob limits his carb intake, with no results. Eva does none of the above, yet, she is fit and perpetually energetic.

Metabolism, the self-proclaimed experts say, nodding their heads sagely. Genetics, say the elderly, who’ve tried getting rid of extra weight for longer than they care to remember.

Of course, there’s way more to the weight loss picture than calories, carbs, and endless deprivation. The slower paced summer routine carries a hint of promise, of hope for something different. Perhaps it’s time to finally make the lifestyle changes to achieve the results you want: Less fat. More energy. Long-term results.

To effect doable and maintainable change, let’s understand how the fat and pounds accumulate, and how to get rid of them for good.

How does fat accumulate?

When toxins are present in our body, our body intelligently creates a fat cell inside of which the toxin is stored to avoid damage to the organs. Similar to the drawer full of junk in the kitchen, the body first puts the toxin out of sight, as though hiding the waste will protect us from its harm. In reality, our functioning will eventually be hindered if there is an accumulation of toxins, even in the form of fat cells.

Healthy Elimination//The Key

By nature, we are designed to eliminate all toxins and other wastes automatically. Optimal elimination is indicated by the wastes being excreted within eighteen hours of food consumption, and the elimination being a step denser than diarrhea. For weight loss efforts to effect real results, it is important that our body is eliminating all wastes in both the proper time frame and level.

Many of us struggle with weight loss and reduced energy, largely due to our unhealthy lifestyle – both the foods we eat and the limited amount of exercise we perform – which isn’t conducive to healthy elimination. The claim that weight gain or loss is dependent on one’s metabolism being slow or fast may or may not be true. Either way, let’s keep in mind that the first step in the engine of our metabolism is the large intestines, which starts the process of our foods’ elimination.

Skinny and Fat//The Logic

With this knowledge, let’s consider what our weight’s tendency may be dependent on.

  • Thin people, who contain an overload of toxins within their organs.
    • The organs are uncomfortable with the junk settled in them, which decreases the person’s natural appetite, leading to weight loss or lack of weight gain.
  • Overweight people, who contain an overload of toxins within their organs.
    • The organs are uncomfortable, however, they may be ignoring their hunger cues and overeating for a variety of reasons including emotional triggers.
    • There may be a buildup of acidic toxins in the body, which causes the body to produce a mucus lining on the intestine and colon walls. When this happens, the pores which absorb nutrition into the bloodstream are congested and the nutrients aren’t absorbed. This activates hunger pangs, and can lead to a cycle of eating due to feeling hunger, lack of nutrition from the foods eaten, and feeling hungry all over again.

The ideal scenario is a clean, toxin-free body. This allows you to eat, be nourished, and feel satiated by the foods absorbed; a recipe for feeling full while keeping fit.

Let’s get Losing!

Some count calories, others fast. Yet, most don’t last.
Like the water gushing out of a pipe when unclogged, when old wastes that have been weighing your body down for years are cleansed, smooth weight loss is often the natural result.

To achieve this, we should work on a meal plan of high fiber, mucus-free foods. This can help ease the buildup of toxins out of your colon and intestines thoroughly and naturally. Eating raw fruits and vegetables – to get the stomach moving from a healthy source – is a great way to accomplish this.
Colonics, too, have been said to be a wonderful addition to the food plan, since it can remove old wastes, which laxatives (which simply stimulate bowel movement) usually can’t accomplish.

Here are our basic weight loss plans. It is always advisable to create a weight loss plan with a certified naturopath to determine the optimal diet for your body, situation, and lifecycle stage.

  •   Losing Weight Fast: For rapid weight loss, the radical plan would be drinking organic, or even   exclusively green, juices. Carrot and celery are great juicing options.
    These liquids are directly absorbed into the bloodstream via the stomach, satiating and nourishing the cells immediately.

    Note of caution: This food plan should never be implemented for longer than 2-3 weeks consecutively.

  • Medium-Intensity Weight Loss: A less intense plan would include drinking juices for the majority of the day, along with one salad per day. This plan, too, usually results in significant weight loss, and many people report finally shedding pounds plus maintaining the diet on a lower scale for continuous weight loss.

  • Moderate Weight Loss Plan: A less drastic route is skipping the juicing, and instead drinking a fruit smoothie in the morning, eating a large salad with a healthy grain for lunch, as well as a large salad with a protein and cooked vegetable or soup as supper.

    •  Examples of healthy grains are sweet potato, quinoa, wild rice, or sprouted grains like sprouted kasha.

    •  It is not a good idea to combine a grain and protein during a single meal.

    • The raw vegetable (salad) portion size should always be at least double the serving of grains, cooked vegetables, and protein.

Supplements Used to Support Weight Loss:

  •  Tahua Wholey: A supplement designed to assist with satiating via the wheatgrass and other dehydrated juices combined with the energetic green juice. This can help you feel satiated and energetic without eating any solid food.
  • Tahua Spring: A whole food supplement made of ingredients like quinoa and other sprouted grains, this supplement helps curb cravings by absorbing essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream.
  • Cleansing Drink Combo: Combining Tahua Motion Powder, Tahua Super Green and Tahua Kurist, then drinking this super cleansing mix between 3 and 4 times a day has been told to greatly enhance cleansing.
  • Tahua Action: Especially in the case where the colon no longer has optimal toning and is bloated, these herbs help repair the organ and thereby assist with the elimination of toxins.
    *It is advisable to take this supplement after supper, and not together with the cleansing drink.

Additional Weight Loss Tips:

  • Exercise! By Sweating and strengthening our muscles, our skin and lymph help us detoxify. Therefore, exercise is a must to include in any healthy living plan.
  • Saunas are a great idea. They promote sweating, an excellent way to eliminate toxins via the skin.
  • Drink adequately. This will aid in healthy performance of the lymphatic and excretory systems. 
  • Avoid snacking. Even on foods that are good for you.
  • Stop eating and drinking after supper.

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