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Stay Calm



Are you nervous when facing new changes?

Do you feel overwhelmed when a new school year or any new adjustment come your way? 

Why do some people take change harder than others??

What is there in change that makes some people fear and worry?

When everything is in routine, many of us feel a sense of control. We think that when we know what to expect, we are secure. We believe that when it’s predictable, we can control life.

But when something new is happening, things take a new path we’re not familiar with yet, that’s when fear of the unknown kicks in. When we don’t know anything we lose our sense of control and worrying thoughts starts driving us crazy.

We especially tend to worry about our kids:

“Will she be successful at school this year?”

“Will she be well accepted by her new peers?”

“Will she have good teachers?”

“Will she have good friends?”

“What will the year bring?”

But these thoughts are just negative and just bring us anxiety and stress. We were created by G-d and He controls and guides our life for the best. Although we think we know or are in charge of anything in our life, in truth we don’t know anything. In whichever way we are lead; whatever might happen, this is the best thing for us. We just need to be flexible whatever comes our way and not hold onto our control.

G-d knows and does everything for our good: He only wants joy and pleasure for us. This knowledge alone will bring us real happiness. So accept whatever comes your way because nothing is permanent anyway so why have fears or stress? Just throw everything into G-d’s hands. Sit back and enjoy life stress-free. Because He is carrying you and your worries.


If your thoughts are overwhelming, use PLACIDO or SPRING from Tahua to help your mind reason.



Can you imagine yourself in the hectic time of the year, beginning of a new school year, before the Holidays are approaching, you should be able to think clearly and stay relaxed and full of energy? I was sure this is impossible for me, I am physically exhausted and a bundle of nerves and stress

before a new school year. Since I have a few girls starting school at once, everyone takes it different, someone takes change hard and someone easier and I as a mother used to get very overwhelmed from the whole experience. Add to it all the cooking, baking, and cleaning for the holidays and this was a an extremely stressful and exhausted time for me .

Last year I decided at the start of the summer that I want to do something to have a lot of physical and emotional energy.

I resolved to watch my diet and take healthy supplements. I started taking a heaping teaspoon of SPRING every day with some fresh juice and I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables. I did this throughout the whole summer. By the time school and holiday season rolled around I was feeling refreshed and full of energy to whatever G-d has on schedule for me. I prepared beautiful holiday meals and didn’t feel exhausted at all. I actually enjoyed and did everything stress-free and happy.


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