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Smoothie Recipes

Do you grab a mug of coffee and a bar of chocolate each morning before diving into the hectic routine of dressing the kids and getting everyone out the door on time?  Off you go, never thinking twice about the effects of skipping breakfast, the most crucial meal of the day. You probably wonder why you are nervous with your kids and tired throughout the day. Have you ever tried starting the day with a nutritious dose of G-d's minerals and vitamins?

Make a smoothie in the morning for yourself and your family. Your family will be gifted with better concentration and more energy. You will be amazed at how much better you’ll feel all day, and you’ll be able to accomplish a lot    more than usual. Your kids deserve a happy Mom. Make yourself the perfect smoothie by using your taste buds  as a guide. Make it a good day.


Equipment you'll need:

Blender or Food Processor (with S blade)

Favorite Standard Smoothie

1 mango

¼ pineapple

1 ripe banana

1 yellow apple

Dates (optional)

If available add a fresh mint leaf (optional)

Combine all ingredients in blender or food processor and blend.

For a smoother texture you may add water, juice, or juicy fruits such as oranges or grapes.

For an added energy boost, add fresh green leaves, such as checked spinach, or green powder such as Spring and Wholey (available here) to your 

smoothies. These are nature’s multivitamins.

Melon Smoothie

1 slice cantaloupe

2 slices honeydew, or double the amount of cantaloupe

2 slice papaya, or double the amount of cantaloupe

Pineapple juice and/or orange juice

Melons include watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and papaya, and are best eaten separately from other foods because they are quick to digest.

When cantaloupe is present it always becomes the dominating taste, so use it sparingly if you prefer other flavors. Note that because melons digest quickly, this smoothie will not keep you satisfied for as long as a fruit-based smoothie.

 Smoothies are not limited to the recipes listed above! You can create your own tasty smoothie with any fruit you find in your fridge. Do you have brown bananas, wilted plums, bruised apples? Don’t throw them away. They will be best sellers in a smoothie! Blend them with dates or a sweetener and even a bit of nut butter if you dare, and enjoy!

Anything is fair game for a smoothie. I once smuggled in a half-inch slice of beet in a smoothie –without telling my kids, of course! This turned the smoothie a pretty pink color (pink as in ice cream), and my children actually tasted a strawberry flavor. They kept on begging me to make it again: “Mommy, only the strawberry one!” Unless they are reading these lines, it is still a tightly kept secret! Note that while any fruit is delicious in a smoothie, be careful not to use too much banana, cantaloupe or pear, as these fruits have strong tastes and will dominate the flavor. 


Here’s a tip for the busy Mom who has her hands full in the morning. Prepare your blender or food processor with all smoothie ingredients the night before and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, simply blend and serve.

How to make a smoothie colorful

The natural food coloring:

Green: kiwi (a few drops of chlorophyll [like Supergreen] will also do the trick)

Orange: ripe papaya

Pink: beets

Red: cranberries


I'll bet you'll find an empty blender sooner than expected.

Have fun exploring the colorful world of smoothies!



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