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My 8 month old baby was diagnosed with an ear infection a week ago. I got a prescription for antibiotics for 10 days. I really was not eager to use it, but without any other choice, I gave him the first dose. An hour later, I got back the entire yellow goo on my carpet. I am frantic. Do you have any recommendations to get rid of ear infections naturally?



Mrs. G. Wieder, ND, answers: Yes. Many have this question, especially now in the winter. It’s interesting to note that while Tahua will indeed recommend healing ear infections via natural methods, we are not the only one with this approach. Quite a few clients have related that their pediatricians have advised them against antibiotics for ear infections because it is unnecessary. It will go away by itself, they claim. Here are some tips to quicken the healing process.


  • Primary and most important rule: everything boils down to elimination. Any problem in the body begins when the body is not clean enough and therefore has a hard time healing. Nevertheless, there are tips for getting rid of ear infections. It starts with mucus in the sinuses which originates in the colon. Thus, the colon must first be cleaned by taking a laxative for kids. I would suggest Vibrant and Motion from Tahua. Para A and Para B is also very helpful. You can also insert it in the rectum with oil. The great news is that Tahua is coming out with a new line for kids. Look out for it soon in stores and online. To speed things up, you can administer enemas twice a day until the child gets better.


  • After you followed the first advice – and don’t brush it off with a no-my-child-is-not-constipated-thank-you response, because ear infections and fluid definitely spell a slow colon – have the child take something that helps extinguish ear infections like Echinacea and garlic. Immunomax contains these ingredients and more. Many people rave about. One of my patients, Rachel, recounted that her baby’s periodic ear infections have been reduced to almost zero after taking Immunomax (and thanks to Rachel’s discontinuation of dairy from her diet). In addition, she gives it preventatively, which I recommend. A combination of herbs which eliminate mucus from the body such as mullein and sage, or a mixture that contains both, would also be effective.  


  • One or more of the following: oil of oregano, two drops of peroxide, olive oil and drops of garlic can be dropped into the ear. With your child’s cooperation, a whole clove of garlic, secured with a bandage, can be placed at the opening of the ear canal. Verify with your pediatrician if it is safe to place anything near the ear drum.


  1. Typically, an “ear infection” is more of an inflammation of the ear canal than an actual infection. Calcium can neutralize irritation and acidity. Make sure you take it from a natural source such as C-food from Tahua. I have seen good results with C-food for ear infections. They come in powder and capsules. It can be mixed with agave or maple syrup and administered a few times throughout the day. Wholey, a green powder from Tahua also contains a lot of usable calcium that powerfully neutralizes acids and inflammation. (Note: You can never have too much natural calcium. If you more than needed, your body will know what to do with the extra.)


  1. In addition to adhering to a healthy diet, elimination of milk and milk products is crucial, until the inflammation goes away (goats’ milk is fine).  However, if the child has recurring ear infections you should consider cutting milk out of his menu altogether. It is of utmost importance not to omit this rule. Continuing to ingest milk products is like shoveling the snow while it’s still snowing. Today there are many delicious alternatives to milk such as tigernut, hemp, almond and coconut products. Check out your local health food stores.


            For all supplements mentioned above: take on a daily basis as per package directions. You may mix them with apple juice or water.


1. For a clean colon:
2. For the ear infection inflammation:

Good Luck!


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