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60 ml

RENO Alkalizing and mineralizing, RENO supports the urinary and renal system. Helps soothe urinary tract irritations.


Alkalizing and mineralizing, supports the urinary and renal system.Helps soothe urinary tract infections and irritations.


regenerate kidneys, edema, any swelling anywhere, joint pain or arthritis, urine infection



Couch Grass Rhizome Its action, gentle yet effective, fights and protects against infection and irritation of the urinary tract by increasing the volume of urine. Couch Grass Rhizome helps prevent the formation of kidney stones and to slow its development. Corn Silk Diuretic; Corn Silk increases the volume of urine, which helps reduce water retention and blood pressure without causing a loss of potassium. It restores the organs of the urinary system by removing inflammation and restoring their functions. It is perfect for prostate and male disorders. Pipsissewa Leaves Compared to other herbal diuretics, it is kinder to the stomach. Like the others, it increases the volume of urine, which stimulates the discharge of organic waste and relieves the symptoms of inflammation. Useful for all urinary ailments including kidney stones. Stinging Nettle Herb Masterful herb for the whole body, Nettle restores strength, courage and vitality by stimulating the body. It lifts the spirits by working slowly but surely. It protects the kidney tissues and increase excretion of uric acid, hydrogen ions and nitrogenous wastes. This is definitely an alkalizing plant with many virtues, supporting as much of the digestive system than the respiratory and endocrine system, passing through the skin and all its conditions. Coriander Seed Stimulating, Coriander seed raises tonus of the body and fight drowsiness that occurs after a meal. It is useful for difficult digestion, flatulence and bloating by promoting the secretion of gastric juice and expelling gas. It is particularly effective for gastrointestinal disorders. Dandelion Leaf Alkalizing and mineralizing, Dandelion increases the contractility of the gallbladder and acts directly on the liver to increase the production of bile. It acts on kidney stones either for prevention or in a cure. It regulates intestinal function and increases urinary activity. Cleansing and elimination herb, it regulates the glucose level by reducing its absorption by the intestines, while allowing the elimination of waste in the blood, thereby improving the pressure and reducing the cholesterol level. Since Dandelion gently stimulates lymphatic activity, it rectifies acute or chronic diseases and general toxic states. Licorice Root Licorice root revitalizes the adrenal glands, protects the liver, increases metabolic functions and improves nutrient absorption. In addition to increasing the production of antibodies and the resistance of several viruses, it allows the evacuation of the excess mucus in the body. Gravel Root By significantly increasing the amount of uric acid eliminated, this herb promotes the treatment of urinary disorders, as well as the dissolution and removal of stones.


Suggested Use by Weight 25-50 lbs = 1/3 dropper 50-75 lbs = ½ dropper 75-150 lbs = 1 dropper 150-225 lbs = 1 ½ dropper 225-300 lbs = 2 dropper


Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if safety cap is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children.