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MUSCLES contains herbs that are traditionally used to soothe and eliminate spasms and pain. This formula restores the balance of a disturbed organism. It calms palpitations, reduces emotions and excitement. It improves the quality of sleep, overcomes the muscle cramps and prevents the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles that work harder than usual while promoting muscle relaxation. In fact, it prevents and calms excessive muscle contractions, spasms and convulsions. This muscle relaxation allows a better passage of oxygen through the lungs and better expulsion of mucus. This complex promotes healing in case of an accident, withdrawal or surgery by relaxing the muscles that tends to constantly contract in order to avoid pain or to react to stress.


part of the leansing drink very good source of fiber. Fiber collects old waste that’s attached in colon detaches . prevents colon cancer. Stops diarrhea if taken every few hours good for crohn’s colitis,


Wild Lettuce Herb Once considered a magical plant, Wild Lettuce is a sedative herb that promotes sleep and dreams. Calming nervous states and even overexcitement, it also removes spasms and pain. Passion flower Used to treat asthma, Passion Flower has the ability to restore the balance of a distressed body. It calms palpitations, reduces emotionalism and excitement of anxious and overworked people. It reduces anxiety that prevents rest and improves sleep quality. Passion Flower aids in cramps, soothes toothache, menstrual pain and headaches. St. John’s Wort Herb and Flowers Well suited as an emergency treatment to a long-term care, St. John’s Wort is suited to deal with many nervous disorders such as depression, anxiety, irritability, sleep disorders, apathy and nervous disorders related to menopause. It is an incomparable healing agent when it comes to sunburn, burns, abrasions, sores, sprains, bruising, chaps, cracks, stings, herpes, shingles, diaper rash and even old scars. It reduces pain and prevents infections. It is also great for treating digestive disorders by reducing inflammation, healing ulcers and keep intestinal worms away. It prevents the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles that works harder than usual while promoting muscle relaxation. It relieves menstrual pain, rectify incontinence and other urinary disorders. Lobelia Herb Through the nervous system, Lobelia prevents and calms excess muscle twitching, spasms and convulsions. This muscle relaxation allows a better flow of oxygen through the lungs and improved expulsion of mucus, which has a positive impact on the respiratory discomfort caused by asthma or chronic bronchitis. Recognized to chemically act like nicotine without causing dependence, Lobelia can help with quitting smoking and its withdrawals. Combined with a tonic, it helps to strengthen weak organs, especially the heart, nerves and lungs. Black Haw Herb More specific to painful menstruation, Black Haw Bark gives tone to a falling uterus. It normalizes heavy menstrual bleeding, reduces morning sickness and reduces at the same time the spasms and cramping that may affect the bile ducts, digestive and urinary tracts. Wild Yam Root By restoring the energy and movement to the uterus, Wild Yam root acts on the entire reproductive system to relieve cramps, spasms, inflammation and pain. It helps the body to produce progesterone, significantly reducing the discomfort associated with pregnancy and menopause. By its diuretic action, it produces significant effects on joints and skin. It strengthens the liver and gallbladder; allowing them to harmonize digestion, reduce congestion, facilitate the passage of stones and reduce liver pain. Scullcap Herb Restorer of the nervous balance, Skullcap soothes or invigorates, if needed. It revitalizes the nervous system by nourishing and restoring the cells. It allows hypersensitive people to feel less affected by their environment, whether it is from an emotional, meteorological, electromagnetic or other order. By alleviating the tendency to addiction, Skullcap herb is all set to face a withdrawal. It reduces nervous disorders such as involuntary movements, excitability, irritation, persistent fatigue and exhaustion. With its relaxing effect, it calms the stress states, anxiety, panic, obsessive thoughts, sexual excitement, as well as headaches and pain. Skullcap improves memory and concentration, and offers good support to women affected by imbalances and disorders related to the reproductive system. Valerian Root Natural sleeping aid, Valerian relaxes the central nervous system and smooth muscles. It promotes healing in case of accident, withdrawal or surgery by relaxing the muscles inclined to contract permanently to avoid pain or react to stress. It calms the tensions related to digestion and premenstrual syndrome, regulates the heart rate and lowers blood pressure when it is too high. Wood Betony Herb To support the nervous system, this herb is indicated. Whether it is for an acute or chronic disorder, it soothes and restores all aspects of the nervous system, from the brain to the peripheries. It harmonizes mood, reduces pain, tension and anxiety. This herb is suitable for those who are exhausted, depressed, following aneurysm, stroke or during a high fever. The proper functioning of the brain is greatly enhanced with this herb which also has beneficial effects on the digestive system. By repairing, harmonizing and strengthening all digestive functions, Wood Betony provides optimal assimilation of ingested food. By its action on the nervous system, it also affects the quality of menstruation and can be found useful in cases of difficult delivery. Cayenne Fruit Powerful stimulant, Cayenne increases blood flow and the strength of heartbeat without making it beat too fast. Fantastic re-mineralizer, it nourishes blood vessels by restoring their elasticity. As more blood is distributed throughout the body, it then has a better nutritional intake at the cellular level, as well as a protection against damage caused by oxidation, deposits, blood clots and hardening of the arteries. It stimulates digestion and appetite, promotes absorption and moves stagnant food while fighting against parasites and bacteria that could cause infections or diarrhea. Its power against the invaders combined with its ability to liquefy and move matter makes it very useful for treating diseases of the lungs and throat, even when accompanied by a fever. It relieves headaches and can serve as an analgesic by blocking chemical messages of pain. Its stimulating effect helps to eliminate fatigue, exhaustion, chills, laziness ... In short; it gives a second life to the body.


Shake well. Add to a small amount of water or juice 3 times daily. Suggested Use by Weight 25-50 lbs = 1/3 dropper 50-75 lbs = ½ dropper 75-150 lbs = 1 dropper 150-225 lbs = 1 ½ dropper


Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if safety cap is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children.
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