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Cleans the liver Flushes out toxins Builds Iron Clears digestion Amazing for: Colic babies Jaundice Allergies Nausea Stomach virus "I had a strong headache from paint. After taking Bilex, it disappeared instantly."


Dandelion Root

Alkalizing and mineralizing, Dandelion increases the contractility of the gallbladder and acts directly on the liver to increase the production of bile. It acts on kidney stones either for prevention or in a cure. It regulates intestinal function and increases urinary activity. Cleansing and elimination herb, it regulates the glucose level by reducing its absorption by the intestines, while allowing the elimination of waste in the blood, thereby improving the pressure and reducing the cholesterol level. Since Dandelion gently stimulates lymphatic activity, it rectifies acute or chronic diseases and general toxic states.

Milk Thistle Seed

Protector and regenerator of first choice for the liver, this seed comes from a plant dedicated to this organ. By improving liver functions, the general state of the body benefits from it. Milk Thistle helps decrease and even reverses the damage caused by alcohol, drugs, medicines and many other toxic substances. It reduces the possible effects on the liver that radiation (X-rays and chemotherapy) have. It decreases the concentration of biliary cholesterol, prevents the formation of stones and reduces inflammatory reactions. By an indirect effect, it overcomes some discomfort caused by an intoxicated liver: poor digestion, allergic reactions, migraines, psoriasis...

Oregon Grape Root

By stimulating biliary functions, Oregon Grape Root improves digestion and soothes inflammation in the stomach. It reduces the excessive secretions made by the mucous membranes, including the skin, thereby improving its appearance.

Black Walnut Green Hulls

Defender of choice, Black Walnut seems to be an obstacle to any organism or undesirable condition that intends to settle in humans, both internally and on the surface of the skin. All discomfort caused by the presence of invaders, from the smallest parasite to the most dazzling virus, through acne, lice, fungi and worms ... find a great opponent in this powerful plant.

Garlic Bulb

Medicinal plant by excellence, Garlic is effective to address a multitude of health problems. Some components are as powerful as an antibiotic, without allowing bacteria to develop resistance. It also combats viruses, yeasts and parasites in the digestive system and out on the skin. Useful as an antidote to poisonous bites or stings, Garlic is a chelating agent that neutralizes and escorts poisons out of the body. It lowers cholesterol, prevents blood cloths formation and decreasing blood pressure and glucose levels. Beneficial to sanitize the respiratory system, it also helps to stop lung and sinus infections that tend to persist.

Ginger Root

A warming spice, in addition to promoting appetite and digestion, ginger activates the lymphatic system to reduce any possible stagnation. By promoting sweating, it supports the body particularly well during a fever. Decongestant and fluidizing for the blood and mucus, it lowers cholesterol, reduces pain and inflammation. Beneficial for the entire system, ginger is useful in cases of nausea, vomiting and motion sickness.

Yellow Dock Root

One of the most assimilated iron sources by the body, Yellow Dock has the ability to decrease the amount of toxins in the blood by its cleansing and oxygenating action. Unwelcomed conditions of the skin and joints see themselves improved, the functions of the liver and intestine are stimulated, organs cleaned, and the removal is facilitated. This renewal allows the entire body to gain strength and vitality.



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