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FEMALE REPRO contains herbs that are traditionally used to cause an increase in progesterone levels in the body to create a better balance with estrogen. This action relieves the states of swelling, pain, congestion, cramps, spasms, digestive disorders, dizziness, dryness, hot flashes, depression and that, even in the absence of ovaries. This formula activates milk production during lactation and is effective for stopping acne. It relieves urinary disorders during pregnancy and reduces morning sickness. It can serve as a tonic in late pregnancy. FEMALE REPRO acts favorably against infections and cysts. Its action improves fertility and restores energy and movement to the uterus.


For Anything female! To Get cycle Promote regular cycles To Nurse clean Support pregnancy Breastfeeding Stop premature labor


Alteris Root Regenerator of the digestive, genital and urinary tracts, Alteris stimulates the hormone production of the ovaries, which promotes regularity and integrity of the reproductive system of women, both during the fertile period and menopause. It acts favorably against infections and cysts. False Unicorn Root Revitalizing for the reproductive organs, the False Unicorn root stimulates the pelvic circulation. In women, it causes decongestion of the uterine blood, regularity and harmony of the hormonal cycle and menstruation. It can serve as tonic late pregnancy. Its action improves fertility in both women and men, since it restores power, relieves congestion in the prostate and acts on involuntary ejaculations. This herb relieves headaches related to hormonal imbalances and aids in digestion, assimilation and stimulates appetite. It removes intestinal parasites and calms urinary irritability. Saw Palmetto Berries Stimulant, this fruit promotes the growth of body tissues. It restores tonus and allows recovery in cases of fatigue and general weakness. As powerful for women as for men, its marked effect on the adrenal glands reduces prostate enlargement in men and promote the development of breasts in women. Saw Palmetto Berries sanitizes and strengthens the urinary system. Wild Yam Root By restoring the energy and movement to the uterus, Wild Yam root acts on the entire reproductive system to relieve cramps, spasms, inflammation and pain. It helps the body to produce progesterone, significantly reducing the discomfort associated with pregnancy and menopause. By its diuretic action, it produces significant effects on joints and skin. It strengthens the liver and gallbladder; allowing them to harmonize digestion, reduce congestion, facilitate the passage of stones and reduce liver pain Red Raspberry Leaf A plant of base for women conditions, Red Raspberry nourishes, tones, balances and strengthens the reproductive system, while harmonizing the emotional ties associated with the mother, grandmother, sister, etc.. It relieves urinary problems, especially during pregnancy, fights against cancer cells, calms upset stomachs of children and remineralizes the body by avoiding deficiencies, dehydration and exhaustion. In addition, it acts on the digestive and respiratory mucous by soothing inflammation. Black Haw Bark More specific to painful menstruation, Black Haw Bark gives tone to a falling uterus. It normalizes heavy menstrual bleeding, reduces morning sickness and reduces at the same time the spasms and cramping that may affect the bile ducts, digestive and urinary tracts.


Shake well. Add to a small amount of water or juice 3 times daily. Suggested Use by Weight 25-50 lbs = 1/3 dropper 50-75 lbs = ½ dropper 75-150 lbs = 1 dropper 150-225 lbs = 1 ½ dropper 225-300 lbs = 2 dropper


Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
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