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Our Story

We Connect People to Nature.

We live in a fast-food world. We eat terribly and ingest toxic foods. We rarely exercise and wonder why we feel so lethargic. Food companies are spending a lot of money on advertising and manufacturing all kinds of processed food that’s bad for our digestive and immune system.

Most of us are confused and frustrated trying to figure out what’s good for us and what’s not. While we know that something is wrong with the way we live and eat, we’re lacking clarity on what the right way is.

G-d created the world with bountiful fruit, vegetables, minerals and herbs that should sustain and heal us. Man however, has chosen to eat other kind of food that offer little to no sustenance- and even worse- weaken the body.

No news to you, right? 

Is there anything we can do to build up our health?
To build health, we should switch to a diet filled with more raw fruits and vegetables (read sidebar), and eat herbs and sea minerals. Is it too hard for you to plant herbs and extract minerals?

Tahua is here to help. We pick and pack the best minerals and herbs. Our premium products are as natural and organic as if you planted them in your own backyard. Tahua knows what your body needs to be full of energy and vitality.
Tahua has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted supplement companies, endorsed by thousands of people. Our products speak for themselves. People feel better and their lives are revitalized. Anyone who tries one of our products is hooked because our solutions WORK.

Why do our supplements work? Because they are PURE and NATURAL; they are health in its real form. Whatever G-d created is perfect and we can only prosper with what G-d created. Consider for a moment Tahua’s C-Food, a natural calcium blend with 72 minerals inside, creating the most powerful, potent calcium. Unlike other calcium supplements which require additional magnesium to digest the calcium, Tahua’s C-Food is a complete solution because G-d has already put in nature’s calcium a dose of magnesium.